Whether you're starting a new business venture, ending an old one, or just needing help with the everyday legal issues that arise in running your business, give us a call to discuss how we can partner with you to ensure the success of your business.
We also offer a complimentary business "check-up" to help you identify potential issues that might put your business in jeopardy in the future.
Business Services we offer:
  1. Consultation and preparation of documents for formation of New LLCs or S Corporations, including operating agreements, by-laws, minutes, articles, buy-sell agreements, and IRS form SS-4 and Form 2553.  
  2. Annual meeting to review business needs and drafting of required annual minutes for the LLC or corporation.  
  3. Drafting, reviewing and/or negotiating contracts used in your business.
  4. Contracts to buy or sell a business, its assets and/or its name.
  5. Dissociation agreements or other agreements to close/shut down a business.
  6. Representation in business and contract disputes.  

Search the INBiz site to see if your business name is available.  

Review the SBA Small Business Guide for tips on starting a new business.