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An adoption is a process where the parenting rights of at least one biological parent are terminated and a new parent steps in to take the place of that biological parent.

There are “step-parent” adoptions, where the rights of one parent remain intact and their partner or spouse steps into the shoes of the other biological parent.

The consent of a biological parent whose rights are ending may be required.  However, there are many exceptions to the rule.  For instance, there are cases where the rights of the biological parent may have been terminated by the State because of abuse or neglect.

In those cases, consent is usually required from the Department of Child Services instead of the parents.

In other cases, the consent of a biological parent may we waived because that parent has not seen or communicated with the child in over a year, has not financially supported the child in over 6 months, has abandoned the child, or is unfit in some manner to parent the child.

There can also be cases where the rights of both biological parents are terminated and the child is adopted by one or two new parents in their place.

Indiana also provides for adoptions of children by same sex couples.  This can occur where the couple is adopting a child together and also where the child may already be the biological child of one party.


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