Real Estate and Contracts

There are two "golden rules" when it comes to real estate agreements and other contracts:
1.  You should NEVER sign a document that you have not carefully reviewed.
2.  If you have questions, don't understand what is written in the agreement, or aren't sure if the agreement protects you the way you'd like, then you should ALWAYS talk to a lawyer.
You can buy a contract form or real estate form anywhere, but those "do it yourself" contracts are often the ones that end up in litigation, and you may learn that they don't protect you as well as you would like.  For a just a little more in price, you can have an agreement that is drafted and customized to suit your specific project or transaction.
I have experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating all kinds of contracts and real estate documents, from simple Quitclaim Deeds to very detailed agreements to buy or sell a business.  Give me a call to discuss your need.