Category: Family Law

10 Dec

Indiana Parenting Time Calendar

Understanding the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines can be confusing and many parents struggle with figuring out which days they are entitled to if they are following the IPTG.  Thankfully, you
11 Nov

Co-Parenting Resources

If there is a common theme in divorces, it is the struggle and conflict that comes when children are involved.  Unfortunately, it is a struggle that can continue for separated
1 Oct

Filing for a Protective Order

Indiana has a new, simplified process for seeking a protective order or no contact order.  You are no longer required to go to your local courthouse and fill out paperwork
1 Jun

“Winning” a Custody Case

Custody cases are a reality for almost every parent going through a break-up.   You were together, “in love”, and you had a beautiful baby that brought you joy and