Update on COVID-19 and The Indiana Courts

Just a short while ago, the Indiana Supreme Court issued an Order affecting all Indiana Courts and outlining restrictions on court operations.  The Marion County Courts, in Indianapolis, and several other counties, have also obtained emergency orders affecting their operations.
How Will This Affect My Pending Court Case?

At this time, Courts across Indiana will be seeking emergency orders under Indiana Administrative Rule 17 (AR17).  Those Orders authorize the local courts to limit their operations by postponing jury trials and hearings, allowing for remote hearings (or hearings held electronically) and reducing the number of staff that are physically present in the county courthouses across Indiana.

The Marion County Courts (in Indianapolis) have already obtained such an Order and it is expected that most of counties around the State will be following suit.  In Indianapolis, the Courts have already begun to postpone certain hearings pursuant to the AR17 Order.

If you have an attorney, you should call them to see if your specific case is affected.  If you don't have an attorney, you should call the Court before you show up for any court hearings as long as this situation continues.

If Helfrich Law Offices is representing you in your case, we will keep you advised of any changes in your court hearings as soon as we are aware of them.

Will This Affect Meetings with My Attorney, or Scheduled Mediations?

At this time, Helfrich Law Offices will remain open for business and we will continue to meet with clients who have scheduled appointments. It is unclear at this time whether the COVID-19 virus will affect any scheduled mediation in your case.  If there is an impact on your mediation, we will let you know that as soon as we become aware of it.

We are happy will also work with clients who prefer to delay meetings, or to have telephonic meetings or to use videoconferencing.  We should have full videoconferencing capability in the next few days.

If you are ill, or have been around someone who has flu-like symptoms, please let us know so that we can postpone any meetings, mediation, or court hearings.  This is also true if you are immunocompromised or if you have reason to believe you've been exposed to the flu or COVID-19 virus.

Your health and well-being, and the well-being of our staff are very important to us.

Where Can I find More Information about COVID-19's impact on the Indiana Courts?

Here is the link to download today's Order from the Indiana Supreme Court.

Indiana Supreme Court Order

Here is the link to download today's Order affecting the Marion County Courts.

Marion County Order under AR17

To stay up to date on all future orders affecting Indiana Courts, please click on the link below.

Indiana Courts and COVID-19 Response